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Pick up your copy of Loving Myself First at these fabulous places:

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Valley Drug Co
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Why I wrote Loving Myself First:

The secret to true happiness starts with Loving Yourself

and you can start here with this book today.


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Loving Myself First is a positive book
founded on three principles:

1) If you don't love you it's difficult to fully and without reservation love someone else.

2) Most negative thoughts are learned processes and can be changed. You can change the words the little voice in your head is saying.

3) Nine foundational qualities make a healthy, happy, balanced you.

Loving Myself first is a hard-cover book which includes a Source Book (you can copy it and carry it with you) and an audio CD containing visualization and stress-relief exercises.


1: Assessing Who We Are
2: Our Self-Image
3: Motivation
4: The Ingredients of Self-Worth
5: Optimism
6: Responsibility
7: Communication
8: Potential
9: Discipline
10: Goals
11: A Touch of Spirituality & Forgiveness
12: When You've Been Emotionally Hurt
13: Sexuality and Sensuality


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